Texture Packs?

  • Ok, maybe Texture pack isn't the right word, but something like what minecraft can do which allows people to change the base game graphics to a different style. I image such a feature would be cool to add. Any discussion about such a feature?

  • I'm sure @johnk will correct me if I'm wrong, but I am sure that was mentioned somewhere that it will be possible to use custom texture images.

  • Thanks @Scots I'll look around and see if I can find where it's mentioned.

  • It was in a post on one of the community forums
    <blockquote>Can we modify the look of Eco? Like a texture pack to change how the landscape, animals, items etc look? And can we change our players skins?

  • Thanks!

  • wow, a zombie shooter? That would certainly make single player more interesting. Starting in a world that's already been civilized, but you and maybe a few friends on a LAN are the last of humanity. The Zombies only coming out at night initially, but as the years go by their buildings crumble and decay forcing more interaction with the zombies until humanity dies out or the zombies are wiped out, but of course if you "die" and have to restart you'll see your old character among the zombies.

    With mod possibilities like that the game really will have endless possibilities.

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