Few thoughts about Excavator

  • IF You wonder why it is in Bug issues, well there are few things that should be fixed regarding Excavator

    1. Movement
    • Excavator behaves like a cart
      Wouldn't really be a problem, but if there will be slightest hole, Excavator will fail to operate properly
      Which leaft us with 30 kg excavator that have to be:
      unfolded in another place,
      That takes a lot of time.

    • It is so hard to steer properly an Excavator to the point which Excavator is being uncontrollable.
      When I move down by the asphalt ramp to get to the mine I will not be able to stop until I hit the very end or until I hit the side wall.
      It's because an Excavator doesn't have brake. Even more, an attempt to fight this thing almost made me furious.

    • Because it behaves like a cart after driving it into hole and during attempt to bury it while Excavator is in it
      It may send Excavator flying high.

    • Solution: Invent new driving techinque (excavator should not behave as a cart)
      I realise this is hard, but that's how I see it
      Easier Option:
      Replace Excavator wheels with continous tracks like tanks/tractors have. This will not solve problem, but should reduce amount of movement issues.

    1. Accidental digging
      While I am moving , bucket can dig by itself if Excavator is moving on uneven terrain
      Which makes me leave the Excavator
      Fix the holes
      Resume work

    2. <Deleted>

    3. Storage
      Excavator have double storage that act as one
      Excavator storage cannot be moved in linked storage while using other storage.

    • Excavator Storage should be increased, unless point 5
    1. Stockpile
      Excavator cannot interact with carts, nor stockpiles
      Which makes me unload everything manually
      And thus - I lose time

    2. Forestry
      Excavator should have option to fully perform forestry work
      At the moment it can only move fallen trees and destroy wood pulp
      Excavator should be able to cut trees
      Optional: Add secondary equipment for Excavator - 'bucket' for digging, hydraulic shears for forestry

    3. Landing Zone
      Excavator is not able to drop dirt onto stone and ores / into water
      It makes it less usefull

    4. Fuel
      Excavator uses a lot of fuel, too much
      I used excavator for barely several minutes to lose 5 petroleum (25 kg of fuel)
      Solution: Review excavators fuel usage and adjust it.

    5. Total CO2 bug
      in few hours (most likely because of petroleum in excavator
      co2 rose from 420M into 520M


    Ugh. That's a lot, hopefully there is no more. :)

  • I would like to add something to this.

    I don't like the fact you have to use the dig key in order to secondary boom on arm because sometimes I need to move it but don't want to pick up material.

  • i agree with alot of his post. my biggest issue is the idea of it sliding down ramps. if i were to truely make a large enough mine to use a exacavator i should be able to drive it into a mine (down a ramp) and back out ( up the ramps). just my opinion on what was already said.

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