Any way to lock the frame rate to a specific amount like 60 or 30?

  • I have a gaming laptop that it will not allow me to set my frame rate to anything under 120hz. So Vsync does me no good for slowing it down. It runs the laptop so fast that it really heats up and runs the fans loud. If I could lock frame rate to 60 or 30 I think it would cool down, instead of keeping it up at 100+ all the time and I don't think the game play will be effected. Is there a file I can modify since I can't find any options in the menu to do what i'd like to try. Thanks

  • @Swamibob What would be nice would be an option that said 30, 60, 120, or unlimited like is in a few other games. I would think there may be a config file i could just modify manually to see if this will fix my problem, but I can't find it.

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