Stairs? What's going on here?

  • Has anyone found a way to rotate the stairs in 6.3? It's incredibly aggravating having sideways stairs in a stairwell. I've tried everything I can think of with Q and E and even went through the entire keyboard and again holding shift and nothing will rotate stairs :(.

  • same issue. they face ns, and only turn when their back is to a solid. and blocks already placed turn too. bug. can't use QE to rotate them like other objects.

  • They have said stair rotation will be available in 6.4, for now they can only be used north or south facing

  • Yea, we've been updating builders to work with the new hammer building and broke stair facing. We've added manual stair rotation so that should be (baring any extreme breakage) be in the next staging build.

    It DEFINITELY will be in a build before our beta release and should be in a stable release soon (tm).

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