MW's Mod 6.3

  • Newly updated!

    This Mod does:

    Allow players to carry items 20 at a time!

    Fixed Weight of Carried Dirt, Ore, and Sand!

    Allow Players to stack items up to 20, instead of 10, in a cart type vehicle.

    Fish Tacos are BACK! (still working on a nice balance for my old foods!)

    Tailings can be burned in a blaster, with Rank 5 of Alloy Smelting!

    Recycling Efficiency and speed added to help burn more and faster!

    Fix world Items from clashing with other world items for hurting your skill points!(Old way: Add a bed (1 point) and a small rug(.75 points thanks to bed) in one room. The new way: You get one point for each now, and get hit with .75 if you add either another bed or small rug)

    Tool Upgrade! You can now upgrade old tools to newer better one! Stone/Wood to Iron, Iron to Steel, Steel to Modern!

    Bigger Storage chest! Needs Lumber and Iron ingots!

    Shovels now can pick up 20 at a time from carts/Stockpiles!

    Stove is NOW made on an Anvil!


    As Always Feedback welcome!

  • Great job, will test this one out :)
    Will get back to you if there's any problems

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