Tailings above ground?

  • Does it work to put tailing on a stone surface not touching dirt above ground?

  • that's going to be a "No"

  • Why would it be a no? Did u try it? If you did then try trying it before posting this if you are gonna try to anyways :P

  • I think he posted that it was a no, because he went and tried it after asking. Tailings need to be contained to keep from polluting even if sitting on stone the pollution will still leak unless they are contained

  • Contained how? I have been trying to find a definite answer to how "leakage" works, but many theorys and few facts.

    The way tailings is set up now, the poor metalworkers have to dig more stockpile holes than they get to work their cherished metals.

    Anyone know?


  • Underground, with real(non-broken) stones(Hear ores are ok, but NOT DIRT) room 5X5X5(same sizes of a Stockpile)

  • Since that is not entirely possible, you have to dig in somewhere. I assume it can have atleast a 1x2 hole, and if that is tru it can probably have more "holes" without leaking? Does the storage spot scan straight out in all directions and as long as there is unbrokenstone/ore in all directions decide not to leak? Like, you could, if you had the patience, have a 50x50x50 space with one stockpile of ore in the middle of the floor, and as long as there is unbroken stone around it, it wont leak, as long as there is unbroken stone on the opposite side of any holes made in the space? Not sure if that made any sense.


  • Easiest way to deal with tailings is let the bloomery load them into carts and dig a hole to shove the carts in rather than a 5x5x5 cavern. less work, smaller hole, guaranteed no leakage.

  • Funnily enough, thats the same idea my friend suggested just a day or so ago.

    We may just do that since it's rather redicolous the amount of digging that needs to be done when making ingots.


    /Edit: Altho, carts do have a tendency not to stay where you put them. Its like they have their own version of /Unstuck

  • We need a Rcycling Station for that and for all other objectd.
    Many players have oold things and they placed it in chests in underground.

    Not good for performance when it will be more and more.

    Some server play without Meteor nad than the server run many moth

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