Animals All Dying or Dead! Please help

  • chart.jpeg

    Can somebody explain this? No cause for this!

  • That graph alone really does not give us much to go on. Could you provide other world information? Have you maybe picked all the foods that feed the animals and they are starving? Has the world been polluted and it can sustain the animals? Just showing animals death alone without other world information doesn't tell us much. What about c02 levels? Air pollution? Pollution from tailings?

    Its possible its a bug but I have not heard it being reported by others running 6.2 and not seeing it on any servers I am running. I think the first place to start is to be able to take a good look at the information about the whole world first.

    Also are you running the server with default settings in the configuration files or have you edited/modded,, Do yuo have the Modkit enabled?

  • At the time this happened I had time mult up and base skill points up but that is it.

  • I will be doing a fresh restart when 6.3 is out but would like to prevent this in the future if possible. Thank you for any advice.

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