Hard system crash

  • I'm experiencing a hard system crash after maybe an hour of play. My left monitor turns green and the right one turns black. The only way to recover is to hold the power button.

    What sort of data would be useful for helping discover the source of this issue? dxdiag? Local client logs?

    I'm on Windows10 x64
    Xeon E5-2630
    32GB RAM
    Nvidiea Quadro K4200

  • Hi @Mozleron ,

    To me this sounds like one of your pc components is failing, do you have a temperature sensor that gives you real live temperatures of your components?

    You can easily download one, and it will record and benchmark these for you,

    From the looks of it you should focus more on the main board and graphics card temperatures.

    Please let us know if you are able to pinpoint the issue.

  • For some added context, this is a corporate machine that is also used to occasionally run the Unity engine based game we're working on, and it does so without complaining. I will check for any sort of temperature anomalies when I get back into the office after the break, but I'd be really surprised if that was the issue.

  • To give you more feedback on regular troubleshooting these kinds of things,

    When monitors change color, this is a sign that your video output is being muffled, this can happen by a few things,

    1 - Your graphics card drivers are outdated and have some sort of bug, consider trying to update them if there is a new version out.
    2 - Your graphics card is in an unhealthy state, where it is trying to process as much data as it's receiving, but for some reason it cannot keep up. Please note that I am aware that the graphics card you are testing with is in simple terms "A BEAST", but when something goes wrong the beastliest can become the crappiest, easily.
    3 - Your main board gpu port might be either burning inside (when you have abused the socket alot, this is prone to happen, you will see darker color around some of the "pins"), to check you have to physically remove the gpu and inspect the gpu port (PCI-E)
    4 - over heating of some components can also cause this issue, this can be related to one of the following components, GPU, RAM, Main Board, or HDD

    If these are not the issues, reply to this thread and I will give you some more things to check,


  • @ClayC
    I'm going to be out of the office until 1/2, so I won't be able to test anything out until then. But, once I get back in, i'll take a look and see what I can find. Otherwise, i'll just keep playing at home on my old but stable gaming box. :)

  • Well, I had IT put in a new video card, and so far so good. Thanks for your patience and suggestions. We can either leave this thread up as a warning to others on what maybe not to do, or just delete it as a very specific case that's probably not going to be useful to a whole lot of people.

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