Seismic Gaming - 4km World - v6.3.1 - Fresh World [24th of Dec]

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    We've just opened our first server on ECO, with many more to come if the server gets popular. We run our own ECO server on our own dedicated server which means we've the full power of the machine rather than using a 3rd party host who charge you for little disk space, ram and so on. We've 32GB of RAM, 480GB SSD and a powerful CPU.

    With the little time the server has been up, we've already gain new players joining us. We'd love for you to do the same. Any information, please message me here or on our Discord.

    We're a clan that is here to stay, it financially doesn't cost us anymore to host more ECO servers which is why we'll have no troubles in hosting this or any other server in the future.

    Server Address: or

    Server Features:
    Homes - Allows you to set /homes to quickly return to your claim
    Voting - Vote for tokens, which can be exchanged for skill points
    Teleport - Teleport to another player for calories
    Stats - Check statistics of players

    Server Changes:
    Meteor is 60 days
    4km World
    Cart capacity have been doubled, wooden and powered.
    Woodpulp can now be used as fuel


  • Updated.

  • Server has been restarted with some minor fixes!

  • We've added Votes to the server which will reward with you with 5 skill points! Just type /vote!

  • Im willing to build something big there, wanna join up the efforts?

  • @Foolish_Crok said:

    Im willing to build something big there, wanna join up the efforts?

    Hello! Yes, we're just building the basics of everything right now. Then we'll get a store setup and do some contracts. That sound good?

  • Server has been updated to v6.3.0.

  • Server has been reset, updated and the map has been expanded to 4km.

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