Game crash on arrow hit

  • Got this crash dump / error message on trying to hit a bison that was standing still (not moving after getting hit by the first arrow) on a dirt ramp (dirt ramp has air blocks beneath it)

    Caught exception: Caught exception invoking RPC Hit on ArrowEntity!

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    at C5.IntervalHeap1.checkHandle(IPriorityQueueHandle1 handle, Int32& cell, Boolean& isfirst)
    at C5.IntervalHeap1.Replace(IPriorityQueueHandle1 handle, T item)
    at Eco.Simulation.Simulation.UpdateElementInQueue(ITickable element)
    at Eco.Simulation.Agents.Animal.Kill(DeathType deathType)
    at Eco.Simulation.Agents.Animal.Damage(Single amount, DeathType damageSource)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Animals.AnimalEntity.TryApplyDamage(INetObject damager, Single damage, InteractionContext context)
    at ArrowEntity.Hit(INetObject other, Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation)

    note that the part in red is only in red because of the webcode (its preceded and ended with ` symbols)

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