Nitrado Gameserver

  • Hello Guys,

    I got such a big problem. Firstoff I rent a Server at Nitrado because my Internet Connection is too bad to run it from home. So everytime I change the config file my Server restarts ten times and then it stops and don't run anymore. What do I do wrong? Is it nitrados fault? Can someone just give me an example how I have to fill in the config file? Is here someone who rents a server at nitrado? Please help me guys. I got this Problem since 14 days and I pay for that Server. Thanks in advance and every help is good help. I could cry everytime I change verything and nothing works. So frustrating.

  • Yes nitrado problem, 3 weeks only theater.
    Have then changed providers and everything works. Settings for the new server provider we have made via FTP

  • Hi DopeGuy

    This is a problem that many seem to have with how Nitrado has the servers configured. They were contacted some time ago with tips on how to resolve this issue for their clients but apparently the issues have bot been resolved. The problem they have is that each time the server is started it creates and builds a new world and often is subject to crash loops. This is not due to Eco or anything wrong with Eco and nothing that can be done by you or by the Eco devs to resolve it. this is a fix Nitrado has to perform. In most cases the work around has been that users have changed providers

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