[Bug] Multiple doors

  • After a server crash my friend Mr. G had multiple functional doors in some buildings. He was able to demount them and got them as +1 door in his inventory. My doors were not affected.

  • @Wutstock said:

    He was able to demount them and got them as +1

    just to be sure on what you mean .. he demount 2 doors at once and only got one door? and it was a double door?

  • No, he had mltipkle doors (up to 4) at one place and could demount every one of them. for Everydemounted door he got one door in his inventory.Originaly he aced one ddor before the server crash.

  • i am still very unsure what you mean :'( could you try to explain it better ?

  • Hmm, ok. He placed 1 door in a building everything was fine and worked. After a server crash he had on the same postion from this one door, multiple doors. This had following effect:

    He opened the door to his building and the door opened correctly, but there was an additional door in it that was closed. So he demountet the open door. He opened the second one which was closed. Now he had the same effect as above. He demounted about 4 doors and got all the demounted counted in his backpack

    So, originally he placed one door an now he got 3 additional doors from spontaneously-self-reproduction^^. They are fully usable.

    This happened on more than one building but not at every building.

  • ahh now i am with you =) thanks going to create an issue for that

  • 404 this is not the webpage you are looking for


  • yea github page is the bug tracker and only people with access to it can read it =) but its basically just a link to your post =)

  • @Wutstock
    Can't reproduce this problem.
    If you still having this issue, please let us know(or tag me and just reply.)
    And recent change we made was that you can only pick up door with your deed. so from server crash if everything wiped out, you can't just pick door up.
    Next thing we gonna do is also clearing world object on several crash(which causing world to regen)

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