A few QoL ideas I have for the game

  • First thing, it would be nice to have a clear guide on what skills you NEED to have to reach a specific end goal specialization like computer science or industry. Right now I find myself sitting at the research table with skill tree open and going back and forth trying to figure out what skills I need to get to the next skill and the next skill and so on. Can we please have a more linear setup that tells us what skills we'll need to progress through to get to an ultimate goal? The current way of figuring it out could prove overwhelming for new players as I find very tedious even as an experienced player. It doesn't need a total overhaul of the current skill tree, but I think clicking on any specific skill should open up a little window of sorts and show you only the skills you need to acquire to reach whatever skill you selected. Second, we need some way to dispose of unwanted items. This could range from making these items compacted pieces of trash which we can fit tons of in chests, carts, or stockpiles, to simply burning it for a meager amount of energy to power things like campfires or blast furnaces. Third, can we have a stat added to the room stats telling us how much space is available for workbench type decorations in the window that automatically pops up at the bottom left corner of the screen? It gives us room volume and the materials the room is made from, but it doesn't tell us how much room we have available for said objects. That's about all I have for now and I'm sure I'll think of more things along the way.

  • This is the direction they are going with this:


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