[Bug] Skillsystem

  • A friend and i did some testing. Let´s call him Mr. G and me Mr. W.

    Mr. G has a Buildings skill of lvl 2,
    Mr. W has it at lvl 14

    Mr. G can process 70 stone roof in 17,46 min.
    Mr. W can process 70 stone in 28 min.

    As far as i understand,... the Buildings skill should decrease the time at the workbench. Am i wrong? did i miss something (another skill that has an influence on this)

  • maybe another skill affecting that? need to hear with the dev's about this =)

  • couldn´t see any other skill affecting this, at least from the skill-discription ;)

  • Stone and Stone Roof are affected by Mining skill for now, it seems. Also, Stone Roof requires a bit more time than Stone.

  • Ah thouhgt mining is really only mining ^^


    But what is affected by the buildings-skill? Is rough cut lumber affected by logging?

  • The Building skill affects only Stone Well (which I've never seen) and Campfire, according to the skill's description. Logging skill should only affect the process of chopping down trees - although a friend of mine who was leveling this skill did not see any gains. Rough Cut Lumber appears to be affected by the Woodworking skill.

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