Does anyone Host with Multiplay?

  • Hi all i renta server with Multiplay and could use some help , im trying to set the skill rate to 2X but cannot find out how to do it. any help would be great thanks.

  • With the FTP in the file : at the bottom the "SkillGainRate and the BaseSkillGainRate changed .

    In the you still have the option to change the "SkillInflationRate" and "SkillBaseIncreaseRate", these determine how much more expensive each additional point in the skill will be.

  • i looked at the but no results with skill at all

  • I open the file with Notepad ++ :

    "$id": "1",
    "CollaborationPreset": "LowCollaboration",
    "SkillInflationRate": 0.00, <---- I have set this to 0
    "SkillBaseIncreaseRate": 0.00, <---- I have set this to 0
    "UnlockCap": 100,
    "AllowUnlearn": true,
    "UnlearnRefundRate": 1.0

    ebenfalls mit Notepad++ geöffnet
    bei Zeile 8038 und 8039 hast du EXP rate sowie Base Rate

    "TickContinuously": true,
    "PushToWorld": true,
    "PullFromWorld": true,
    "TimeMult": 1.0,
    "BiomeReclaimRateMax": 0.8,
    "BiomeReclaimRateMin": 0.1,
    "PlantScarcity": 0,
    "PlantDensity": 1,
    "SkillGainRate": 2, <--- I changed that
    "BaseSkillGainRate": 12.0, <--- I changed that
    "SkillDamageMultiplier": 0.0,
    "RecordLayerHistory": "Interval",
    "LayerHistoryBackupsPerDay": 4.0,
    "TimeOfDayScale": 48

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