More Active Players

  • One of the main issues I find with this game is having enough players. I have seen a lot of people complain about the same thing and I think there is one simple change that could be done to help improve this substantially.

    I have like 85 players on my server roster and I would say that at least 15 have been very active players at one point but what I am finding as a server administrator is that each time I upgrade to the latest version of software I lose a good majority of my regs. This is a very bad thing particularly considering this game is in alpha and updates are released all the time.

    My recommendation to solve this is to change the server browser to display all servers regardless of what version they are running by default and if you MUST have a way to filter them out embed it a bit so it takes a couple of actions to implement it. This way when the player goes onto the server list to join their server it hasn't just disappeared and when they go to join it offer them a pop up that gives them some brief instructions on what they need to do to upgrade.

  • This is a simple change for the client app, The Show Incompatible servers should be checked by default.. or removed to always show by default. Just an idea.

  • This is good idea, but on top of that I'd like to see history of servers that I've joined. This way I would avoid trying to remember server name after I relog/quit.. Could be just another 'star' like 'favorite' called 'recently played'

  • They should integrate an automatic updater into the launcher that checks for updated versions before the player even logs in. I often find that allot of servers just disappear for no apparent reason and it turns out it was just an update to the game that unless you follow the forums or check the website regularly, would be extremely easy to miss. At the very least, give the player a pop-up window that asks them if they would like to update the game to the latest version if there is one available.

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