Carpentry Tabel does not work

  • Carpentry does not work because there is "supposedly no room", but take a block and reset it, it is a room!

    This occurs after every server restart. Current version 6.1.2

  • Servers tend to lose track of rooms so simply breaking a block and replacing it again resets the "room check" function and should fix your problem. Annoying I know, but it's the only work around I've found so far.

  • yes i know it now, and yes it sucks. However thank you for your help

  • Curious. I have a player on my server that has a similar issue with his Store. I was thinking it might be tied to the double doors accessing this room.

    Are you using double doors by any chance?

  • At the same time, use the room as a carriage hall, so the answer is yes. 2 doors next to each other so I can drive in.

    Try it later by using only 1 door.

  • Have tested it all in the solo game and yes the doors seem to be the problem, at least when they stand side by side. 1 door made woodblock in and server restarted, works. Unbenannt.jpg

    To test blocks out again, door in and server restarted, does not work anymore.Unbenannt1.jpg

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