Searching Law example for tailing storage

  • we want a law thats force player to give tailings to one specific player or to store it in a specific stock pile

    any ideas ? is it possible at all?

  • I haven't found a way to do it yet but I have found somewhat of a workaround. You can tax players to create tailings (which nobody will like), but allocate them money for placing those tailings in specific zones or containers. An example would be taxing the players 1 credit for creating the tailing in the first place, but allocate them 1 credit for putting that tailing in a specific area specified in the law you proposed. Or you could opt to not tax them for creating the tailings and pay them to drop it off in a place of your choosing but this will require another way to keep the treasury funded whereas taxing them and giving them an easy way to get their money back would give them initiative to actually move the tailings where you want them.

  • This Sounds like a Plan. Have you an example for the tax law?

  • Maby a tax for one Stockpile

  • I have done something very similar on my server recently to try to control the tree pulp being left around. Keep in mind these laws are new on not well tested so I am not sure how this in going to work for new players that join the server. Also we are doing it with a global currency that we created called the EOG Dollar.

    First we charge a deposit for harvesting the two tree types of 1 EOG. This then gets put into the treasury.
    Tree Deposit.png

    Then we refund .25 for each pulp picked up. This then gets taken back out of the treasury. I have found that this amount is going to be too high for the average amount of pulp created per tree. I wish I could modify the law but all it looks like you can do is delete the law and create a new one.
    Pickup Pulp.png

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