Idea(s)- In Game Sounds (please read to the end :D )

    1. Use sounds from the wilderness in the Pacific North West and the sounds of each animal to make it more realistic and simplistic.
    2. Allow for crafting of musical instruments
    3. Allow for musical skills for each instrument
    4. Create a musical playing in game range that allows those effected to gain bonuses similar to what a Bard does in DnD. could make skill learning faster for all listeners. could make people "work" or build faster.
      c.the plants could even gain growth speed. could lower the calories required for w/e the listeners are doing.
    5. you could have a music sheet similar to recipes, if we have all of the musical instruments and skills needed for the recipe aka music sheet then it would play a specifically defined sound. Lets say I want Rock n Roll in the game or a Celtic, New Age sound like a Hang Drum maybe that would be a mod option to input music sheets and the mp3 file? Maybe allow original works with a Creative Commons license to be uploaded.
      My coworker told me that it maybe fair usage if we consider this game as educational.
      You could check with legal and create a framework to get specific pieces into the game

    I think the easiest way would be to allow music sheets and uploading of music to individual servers but not the public server to limit your liability.

    I think of it like this. Playstation One had a racing game called ridge racer. Once the game loaded you could remove the disk and put in a CD then the music tracks would play while you race. We should be able to customize our environment not only physically but auditory as well.

    Happy Developing
    @JohnK @Milenko @noblackthunder

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