Macbook Eco

  • Hey, I have been following the info on this game for a while, but today I realised that 'Eco' is PC only 🙀😭 😭 🙀🙀🙀😭 😭 🙀😭 . What I'm trying to say is, please make a MacBook version of Eco 👏👏👏👏👏

  • There already are version for the client for Mac and Linux:

    Client (Windows 64bit)
    Client (Windows 32bit)
    Client (Mac)
    Client (Linux)

    I am playing on my Mac (not Book but Desktop one) and it works...

  • There already is a client for MAC, and for Linux, as well as for the PC and this has been the can for some time now, If you are referring to the Server, yes it is officially supported only for Windows, but unofficially it is working on Linux. There are plans for it to be officially support for Linux in the future. I don't know of an plans for Mac Server though.

  • How do you install Eco for Macbook?

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