stone above the mine

  • So apparently if You mine, some stone rubble will disappear from the mine and show up on the top layer
    Stone Eco bug.jpg

  • we have the same problem- we built an underground-highway.
    And now we're clearing up the whole path on the surface since there are some hundreds of stones and ores flipping around happily.
    -.- it will be some carts

  • It's funny to stand on top while someone mine underground - You see that rubble just POP xD

  • I assume its the same effect and when a player falls through the map they reappear at the highest elevation for those coords.

  • Edit: Thought that screenshot looked familiar, yeah thats above my mine lol.

    I have noticed this too, its seems when the stone block is broken and splits into 3-4 parts, some of them 'bounce' through the block above and inevitably end up on the highest block above. I think this is more a physics issue that anything.

  • @York
    Have they You sunk your world with C02?
    I was like. 325M co2 - np
    Next day morning 410M - ugh
    Same day evening - 450M - im done xD

  • @Foolish_Crok
    No Co2 is bugged currently and sea/temp rises are disabled, no idea if thats changed in 6.1.2 but on that other server co2 had no effect.
    That server we were on got wiped/reset, maybe had some hosting issues but I'm making my own (UnionWorld) now with some tweaks to carts/terrain noise/increased tomato growth. Will also add Clays Tool Kit when it's updated for /home and other useful features.

    Dev post here:

  • SeaLevelRises and C02 are still off while they work on the fixes for it. 6.1.2 is just a performance hotfix for issues some servers were having. No information yet on when we will see sea level and c02 back in game

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