Wood Pulp 6.1

  • I am not sure how the twigs are generated as the tree falls
    I think that the more tree rolls on the ground more twigs it produces which also means wood pulp created and calorie spent.
    A part of the tree rolled from above and created 5 twigs while a falling tree spawned 6.

    I would like to have clarification on this one.

  • Basicly just that. I do know there is a bug that if you chop Down the stump before you get the logs, the logs dissapear. Also if you clean up the pulp, there maybe a small chance that if you cut off a piece of a log, it may fall down and make more pulp.

  • Few tips I have noticed for reducing wood pulp generation.

    1. Chop all the leaves and branches off (inc the top) before chopping the tree down
    2. Try to make the tree fall onto a flat area
    3. Clear the plants at the base of the tree, (doesn't matter so much on where the tree falls)

    With those I have generally gone from 6-10 pulp per tree to around 1-3, significantly reducing calorie costs of tree chopping.

    Feedback for devs: Reduce calorie costs for breaking down pulp, it seems to be around x3 the amount of normal axe actions.

  • Since you will need hundreds of Pitches in the long run,, it is much better to generate lots of Pulp , rather then shovel tons of Sand underwater. Trees regrow pretty fast while Sand or Stone is gone. And by the time you need less Pulp you might have lots of Wood in your Stockpiles , which you can use for Housing, and even feed the Blast Furnace or combustion engine for Power supply. The best thing one can do since 6.0 is spent more points in Logging and Labour skills , to decrease the calorie consumption.. Cheers

  • Personally I go with the wheat pitch recipe, its easy to generate unlimited wheat, the pitch cost is better value and the calorie cost is significantly lower.

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