Farming Research 6.0.3

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    (will update to 6.2 soon)

    Once again Crok in game takes in depth look into another profession.
    This time I am gonna write about Farming.
    You are very welcome to help build up this post by commenting below.

    In this thread you will find:

    • How to Farm?
    • Where to Farm?
    • Why Farming is important?
    • Which plants are good for farming and which are not?
    • Plant descriptions
    • Helpfull Skills
    • To Dev: ideas / improvement

    How to Farm?

    Gain a skill scroll of Agriculture by either researching it at Research Station or buy/trade/steal from other players

    To do so you most likely will require Gathering skill as You will recieve Scythe, or You can simply craft it at workbench or above.
    Same goes for Shovel - You will need it for terraforming terrain around, to get one You can either level up Laborer or craft Shovel at workbench or above.
    Most important tools of them all are Hoe and Soil Sampler which can be obtained through leveling Agriculture and/or crafting at workbench or above and at farmer's table.

    You will not be able to farm without seeds which are obtained during picking up plants.

    Have everything?
    Pick up a Hoe and use it on dirt/grass to till ground for a farm
    Select seed You want to farm and use it on tilled ground.
    Now simply wait till seed mature into fully grown plant which will require a lot of time (at least several hours)

    Where to Farm?
    You can ineffectively farm almost everywhere.
    Put bit dirt on the spot with shovel, till with hoe, seed and wait.
    Nothing hard, right?
    Of course, but your yield will be low that's why You need to know where to farm.

    Near Rivers:
    Fiddleheads (also called Fern)
    Crimini Mushrooms and poisonous Amanita

    Hills and/or mountains:

    On the desert:
    Pickle Pear



    Under water:

    Not implemented:

    Why Farming is important?

    Large amounts of plants sed in one place saves time (especially in late game).
    Perservation of species.
    Prickly Pears requires desert farming which some worlds may contain limited amount of deserts.

    Which plants are good for farming and which are not?

    Most of them are good for farming with few exceptions like
    Fern, because finding 100% spot is unbelievably hard and due to amount of fern and limited usage in cooking it is simply not recommended.

    Bunchgrass, because it is a grass and it grows everywhere and regrowth is quick :)

    Huckleberries, because in most of the worlds You will find thousands of bushes - unless You are bad at cooking or require enormus amounts of huckleberries

    Tomatoes, because time to mature is over 24 hours

    Plant descriptions:

    Amanita Mushroom
    Grows near rivers and under bushes. Hard to gather unless You have scythe or spam 'use' button near bushes.
    Temperature Resilience
    One of highest moisture requirements
    Useless, just like grass, unless You want to die :)
    ECO Farming - Amanita Mushroom.jpg

    High amounts of Beans in each pickup
    ECO Farming - Beans.jpg

    Moderate moisture requirements
    Low amounts of beets for each pick up
    Temperature vulnerability
    ECO Farming - Beet.jpg

    Very low moisture requirement
    Requires shovel to pick up
    ECO Farming - Camas.jpg

    Farm on top of the mountains
    ECO Farming - Corn.jpg

    Crimini Mushroom
    High farming expectations
    ECO Farming - Crimini Mushroom.jpg

    Temperature Resilience
    Just like Huckleberries but less useful
    Moisture requirements
    Low base pick up value
    ECO Farming - Fern.jpg

    Does not requires moist ground
    Temperature vulnerability
    Very low cooking value
    ECO Farming - Fireweed.jpg

    Temperature Resilience
    Easy to harvest, near every river
    One of most used plant in cooking
    Moisture requirement
    High Maturity time requirement
    ECO Farming - Huckleberry.jpg

    Prickly Pear
    Endangered Species
    Requires Desert
    ECO Farming - Pricky Pear.jpg

    Easy to harvest
    Almost everywhere
    24 hours to mature (or more)
    ECO Farming - Tomato.jpg

    CO2 absorb?
    Must be under water
    ECO Farming - Waterweed.jpg

    Requires Scythe to harvest
    Required for better cooking
    Mousture vulnerability
    ECO Farming - Wheat.jpg

    Helpfull Skills

    Farming Tools - lvl 1 is absolutely must have for every Farmer in the game

    Desert Farming - no use unless endangered species
    Forest Farming - no use unless endangered species
    Grassland Farming - lvl 1 is absolutely must have for every Farmer in the game
    Tundra Farming - no use unless endangered species
    Water Farming - no use unless endangered species

    Desert Seed Yield - level up only if prickly pears are endangered species
    Forest Seed Yield - pointless since You will not farm Fern but collect whole game this skill is only good if You're interested in creating Forest, level up only if Fern/Trees are endangered species
    Grassland Seed Yield - this skill is a shining pearl for every Farmer as it increases seed yield for most of the plants
    (Beans, Beet, Camas, Corn, Tomato, Wheat)
    Tundra Seed Yield - since this skill only applies to Fireweed it is pointless, level up only if Fireweed are endangered species
    Water Seed Yield - useless level up only if Kelp/Waterweed are endangered species

    If You intend to create massive farms Grassland Seed Yield lvl 2 might be a good idea, or if You want to farm everything near You

    Gathering - lvl 1 is absolutely must have for every Farmer/Chef in the game
    Forest Forager - early must have if You want to cook properly
    Grassland Gatherer - must have , preferably lvl 2
    Wetlands Wanderer - optional, if You intend to farm mushrooms
    Desert Drifter - level up only if prickly pears are endangered species
    Tundra Traveler - since this skill requires two other to level up - I do not see any sense leveling up that far, unless You are Chef and want to feed whole world

    Are vital for better Farming
    Every single farmer should get tools upgrade as soon their farms spreads over 500 plants


    To Dev: ideas / improvement

    1. Forest Forager increases yield of Tomato , but Forest Seed Yield do not include Tomato - which seems to be contradiction
    2. Grassland Seed Yield and Grassland Farming applies to many plants, take a 2nd look into this one
    3. There should be bracket for every single plant for Temperature Match/Moisture Match levels to help Farmers understand difference in green (good spot) yellow and red brackets
    4. Obviously all those not implemented stuff such like rice
    5. Mushrooms are very hard to find out unless you spam 'use' near buttonbushes or use scythe
    6. Fern Moisture level match should be reduced
    7. There should be maturity bracket to help Farmers understand how long it takes a plant to properly mature
    8. Tomatoes mature in over 24 hours

  • I know this is an older post but I've been trying to find information on my farm and now I know why tomatoes take forever! I guess they aren't really needed since they are all over the game but I wanted something to start as I build up my seed base. I did have one question though, are those in game tooltips? That show the yield, moisture match and maturity? I was looking for a way to see information like this but don't know how to view this in game.

  • I think you can still see all this information with the Soil Sampler in-game (click on the ground below the plant, not the plant itself).

    When the temperature match and moisture match are closest to 100, the total yield and growth rate will be highest. I'm not sure why your tomatoes are taking so long.

    Agriculture is one of those things that they are probably overhauling in Beta. I don't think it's going to persist in its current form.

  • The entire world layers system (which influences farming) is currently undergoing a refactor. As of the latest release build, the soil sampler should still know most of the information you need, but keep in mind that farming will change moving forward.

    We're adding the ability to overlay world layers into the game via the minimap (you can see them in the normal viewport, but you toggle the view on the minimap window) which should help a bit with viewing information.

  • @craig.jong

    Given what was said in this post (3 months old now)

    What has changed since. Im finding it hard to believe that some of the grassland species such as wheat, camas, beets...etc. Require so much space around them. I feel like im missing something, because i have had to plant my wheat plots almost 3-4 spaces away from each other and this has led to a very large sparce farm, and even then most of my wheat dies out. Huckleberry seems to thrive with very high yields in grassland area, and they are placed next to each other with no spacing.

    However, the farming tool for testing the ground told me they are overcrowded. Is it possible that maybe the farming mechanic isnt fully working. Im at odds with how the mechanic is suppsed to be, giving that the game is slightly mirrored to RL, with regards to a developing society and how to maintain growth. If farming tractors are coming into the game, shouldnt i be able to build large plots of fields of dense plants similar to real life.

    Realistically wheat, corn, soy, strawberries, etc... are pretty much planted next to each other and not spread out like whats representative in ECO.

    Dont get me wrong, im loving this game, i jsut feel farming could be so much more. im eager to see farming grow into a major industry in the game, to allow for many different types, like hydroponic, aquaponic, Greehouse, etc...


  • I have just started to try farming. Do fertilizers do anything at the moment? I can't really tell a difference.

    Also, in the future, I would like to see aquaducts piping in water and greenhouses!

  • @Razorflare @skyhawk63

    This chart should help you understand the nuances of different types of fertilizer and their effects on certain plants.

    Hope it helps!

    ~ Shay

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