Efficiency skills favour higher levels

  • So the efficiency skills (i.e. reduce resource cost ones) favour levels 4 and 5 a lot more over the others. Spreadsheet of data

    As you can see you're getting a 75% increase from 4 -> 5 but only a 25% increase from 0 -> 1. I feel like there's little reason to just stick with 2-3 points in an efficiency skill. The benefits from the last 2 points seem too large too to me.

  • Disclaimer , personal opinion not slg opinion

    I honestly feel that is how i like it. The higher the level the more it cost to actually get that level. I know a few games that favor low level only and most people don't care to buy the last level for a 0.2% boost. While here specialization is actually heavily encouraged. It feels more worth to actually max out a skill. but that's my personal opinion =P

  • I actually mostly agree with you. The one thing that gives me pause is the new skill cost inflation mechanic. Everyone is using the 2% atm... But if you're playing for say, 25 days, and earning 50 SPs a day, which is 2500 total.Those first 3 levels that aren't very efficient cost 6% inflation, which means they end up costing 150 points over time. So really the cost of each skill is quite a bit higher than the 2,5,10,20,30 it is atm. It's more like 30+ points per skill, even for the levels 1 to 3. This is the part that really bothers me. Basically feels like getting only 1-3 points is a waste, and I should get all 5 or not get any.

  • I think the cost inflation should be done for individual skill trees. Instead of investing allot of points into survival for the early game then realizing skills in carpentry are extremely high cost even for the first level, have them calculated by tree so higher level skills in survival cost more points while your basic skills in any other tree aren't affected right off the bat. The system now is setup to make players feel like they need to be a jack of all trades which in turn encourages a solo play style rather than the team based survival game it was advertised to be. By no means am I saying this will solve that problem, but it should help to ease the suffering when picking late game skills like electronics, industry, and computer science doesn't require you to wait 3 days just to have enough skill points to spend on a single skill and having to get hit with more inflation costs as you specialize in that particular tree due to having to get so many prerequisite skills before it.

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