MW's Mods 6.1.1

  • Greetings one and all!

    I did a major overhaul of my Mods and got rid of stuff that didn't work, as well as simplify things. Instead of telling you what I got rid of, I am just listing everything in this new version:

    Bigger Chest: Needs Lumber and Iron ingots to make.
    Recycling Tailings: Need Alloy Smelting 5(has Recycling speed and efficacy as well)
    Increase Carried items to 20, just like Stones and Ores are.
    Fixed wording in Tailing(my own pet peeve)
    Upgraded Tools: Turn old tools into new and better ones, One tier at a time!
    Allow Shovels to pick up 20 items from Stockpiles

    Installing is easy, download it, and unzip it into the server folder

    Thanks to everyone on my server for feedback and ideas/improvements!!

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