Increasing skills seems to have no effect?

  • I am not sure if this is an issue, or simply a misunderstanding of the skill system. However, my friend runs a server for the both of us, and our skill level seems to have no impact. For example, I got my logging skill, which is supposed to impact yield from chopping down trees, up to about 27. Yet, I still get only 5 pieces of lumber from each portion of the tree.

    Does anyone know if this is an actual issue? If so, is there any fix to it? If not, how does the skill system actually work?

    Thank you!

  • Well, I got about 15 in the logging skill and am now getting 10 per log. Perhaps try restarting the server to see if it is just messing up from that end?

    Edit: This was actually a server change.

  • For the skills it takes a lot to get an increase, 10, 20, so forth, for instance I have 27 in the refining cost skill and it takes only 4 instead of 5 iron to make an ingot.

  • It only takes a couple days to get a skill to a "higher level" than it once was.. for example, I got Trading to the 30's in just a couple days.

    I don't think the dev's want people to get VERY effective in a single skill in just a couple days, and then be able to become extremely effective in most everything in what.. a month or two? The purpose is to have people specialize, really push their training in specific skill(s), and work together. Otherwise, it may as well just be a single-player world survival with a much more simplistic system.

  • Every level gives increases of only about 0.0X.
    For example it takes 5 ores to make an ingot and at lvl 7 smelting cost it only takes 4.
    At lvl 4 it takes 4 about 4.4 ores but it comes out as 5 if you try to make 1.
    If you try to make 10 ingots though, you'll see that it comes out as 44 ores required.

    With logging, you need to get 20% more logs before you can see anything.

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