Setting up a ECO server on Ubuntu (other linux is probably very similar)

  • Please run mono -V and give your output.

  • Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Sat Oct 21 01:32:41 UTC 2017)
    Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Novell, Inc, Xamarin Inc and Contributors.
    TLS: __thread
    SIGSEGV: altstack
    Notifications: epoll
    Architecture: amd64
    Disabled: none
    Misc: softdebug
    LLVM: supported, not enabled.
    GC: sgen (concurrent by default)

  • Well that looks good. Are you on the discord by chance?

  • I'm in the Eco discord yeah

  • Give me about 10-15 and I'll jump on ok

  • Ok thanks :)

  • I'm in voice chat if your on discord.

  • @kicker22004 ok, i can't do voice chat at the moment though.

  • hmm when is a good time for you? It just makes it easier to assist so we don't fill up this chat. Lets chat in discord support section k.

  • The instructions in this post worked for me to set up a Eco server on Ubuntu 17.10.


    1. When installing the beta version of Mono (from link: )

      At the time of writing, the instructions there are for Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04, and 12.04.

      On Ubuntu 17.10, I followed the instructions for Ubuntu 16.04, which worked despite not being for 17.10.

    2. There's a known bug with tooltips on the Linux server:

      This bug is still present in - it's annoying, but doesn't pose a serious obstacle to running a Linux server.

    Additional to this, all configuration changes must be done manually to the files in the Configs/ folder, as the GUI configuration editor doesn't work on Linux.

    I would suggest:

    • Configs/ - change the backup period from 4-hourly to 1-hourly, with 48 backups retained.
    • Configs/ - add a Description line.
    • Configs/ - add yourself to the Admins list. (Use your Strange Loop Games id - i.e. slg12345.)

  • @lws said:


    Actually I am having the same issues with Ubuntu 16.04.3 and Mono

    What I found out is, that if you precreate a world locally on your windows PC, copy it over and then start the server, it surely will work.

  • Hmmm .. I have start the local on my PC the eco server unter Linux Mint 18.3 with mono and become this

    which mono version must installed, the dev or completed ?

  • Seems I should visit this forum more often :P. Hey guys if your running debian based you should look into my tool ELSM.

    Video guide:

  • @kicker22004

    Debian 9 with Google Cloud. I get to the part in your video where you say "hit Back" to load the world and it starts throwing this error image.png

    I installed lsof and retried running ELSM and it had me just stop and start the server again. Going to check if it works.

    Edit2 Electric boogaloo: I threw in a firewall rule each for ingress and egress with the Google Cloud stuff and was finally able to connect. It seems to work! Thank you so much for making this.

  • I tried the ELSM today and got the following error on server startup:

    --BEGIN DUMP--
    Dump Time
    02/17/2018 19:57:25

    System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Could not create an instance of type Eco.WorldGenerator.ITerrainModule. Type is an interface or abstract class and cannot be instantiated. Path 'TerrainModule.Modules[1].Modules[0].Default', line 76, position 22. -- Full dump: Crash AggregateException 02175725.ecodmp

    I tried 7.1.1 and 7.1.2.
    Is this a mono-related error or did I forgot something? :D

  • @kicker22004
    What would be the process for updating the server?

  • @kicker22004
    Thanks so much for your work here, I subscribed your channel in support hope you get to monetized again soon. What I the recommended way to reset the world and start over? It did seem that my world upgraded automagicly to the latest beta when I created it even though not in the list.
    Hmm guess I should look at the menu closer since there is a world reset option....

  • Getting following on startup

    [06:49] Initializing ControllerManager...
    [06:49] Initializing DisasterPlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing BackupPlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing PropertyManager...
    [06:49] Initializing WirePlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing DifficultySettingsFinished in 2.6ms
    [06:49] Initializing ChatServer... Finished in 2.6ms
    [06:49] Initializing EcoSim... Finished in 3.9ms
    [06:49] Initializing MinimapManager... shed in 0.5ms
    [06:49] Initializing RouteProbingPlugin... 151.8ms1ms9ms.0ms
    [06:49] Initializing WorldLayerManager... Finished in 0.9ms
    [06:49] Initializing EconomyTracker... Finished in 1.5ms
    [06:49] Initializing WorldObjectManager... shed in 0.8ms
    [06:49] Initializing EconomyPlugin... Finished in 1,347.3ms
    [06:49] Initializing RoomPlugin... Finished in 21.3ms
    [06:49] Initializing ObjectivePlugin... hed in 5.0ms
    [06:49] Initializing Legislation... Finished in 2.2ms
    [06:50] Initializing WebServerPlugin... shed in 73.5ms
    [06:50] Initializing DiscordPlugin... Finished in 405.5ms
    [06:50] Server Initialization finished in 4,299.9ms.4ms
    [06:50] Failed to start UDP client, LAN discovery may not be available. (Exception:

  • How can I create new laws and all that stuff? It keeps saying "must access from server"

  • Where do I get the newest server version for version 7.2.1 ? I cant`t find anything.

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