Setting up a ECO server on Ubuntu (other linux is probably very similar)

  • @kicker22004 ok, i can't do voice chat at the moment though.

  • hmm when is a good time for you? It just makes it easier to assist so we don't fill up this chat. Lets chat in discord support section k.

  • The instructions in this post worked for me to set up a Eco server on Ubuntu 17.10.


    1. When installing the beta version of Mono (from link: )

      At the time of writing, the instructions there are for Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04, and 12.04.

      On Ubuntu 17.10, I followed the instructions for Ubuntu 16.04, which worked despite not being for 17.10.

    2. There's a known bug with tooltips on the Linux server:

      This bug is still present in - it's annoying, but doesn't pose a serious obstacle to running a Linux server.

    Additional to this, all configuration changes must be done manually to the files in the Configs/ folder, as the GUI configuration editor doesn't work on Linux.

    I would suggest:

    • Configs/ - change the backup period from 4-hourly to 1-hourly, with 48 backups retained.
    • Configs/ - add a Description line.
    • Configs/ - add yourself to the Admins list. (Use your Strange Loop Games id - i.e. slg12345.)

  • @lws said:


    Actually I am having the same issues with Ubuntu 16.04.3 and Mono

    What I found out is, that if you precreate a world locally on your windows PC, copy it over and then start the server, it surely will work.

  • Hmmm .. I have start the local on my PC the eco server unter Linux Mint 18.3 with mono and become this

    which mono version must installed, the dev or completed ?

  • Seems I should visit this forum more often :P. Hey guys if your running debian based you should look into my tool ELSM.

    Video guide:

  • @kicker22004

    Debian 9 with Google Cloud. I get to the part in your video where you say "hit Back" to load the world and it starts throwing this error image.png

    I installed lsof and retried running ELSM and it had me just stop and start the server again. Going to check if it works.

    Edit2 Electric boogaloo: I threw in a firewall rule each for ingress and egress with the Google Cloud stuff and was finally able to connect. It seems to work! Thank you so much for making this.

  • I tried the ELSM today and got the following error on server startup:

    --BEGIN DUMP--
    Dump Time
    02/17/2018 19:57:25

    System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Could not create an instance of type Eco.WorldGenerator.ITerrainModule. Type is an interface or abstract class and cannot be instantiated. Path 'TerrainModule.Modules[1].Modules[0].Default', line 76, position 22. -- Full dump: Crash AggregateException 02175725.ecodmp

    I tried 7.1.1 and 7.1.2.
    Is this a mono-related error or did I forgot something? :D

  • @kicker22004
    What would be the process for updating the server?

  • @kicker22004
    Thanks so much for your work here, I subscribed your channel in support hope you get to monetized again soon. What I the recommended way to reset the world and start over? It did seem that my world upgraded automagicly to the latest beta when I created it even though not in the list.
    Hmm guess I should look at the menu closer since there is a world reset option....

  • Getting following on startup

    [06:49] Initializing ControllerManager...
    [06:49] Initializing DisasterPlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing BackupPlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing PropertyManager...
    [06:49] Initializing WirePlugin...
    [06:49] Initializing DifficultySettingsFinished in 2.6ms
    [06:49] Initializing ChatServer... Finished in 2.6ms
    [06:49] Initializing EcoSim... Finished in 3.9ms
    [06:49] Initializing MinimapManager... shed in 0.5ms
    [06:49] Initializing RouteProbingPlugin... 151.8ms1ms9ms.0ms
    [06:49] Initializing WorldLayerManager... Finished in 0.9ms
    [06:49] Initializing EconomyTracker... Finished in 1.5ms
    [06:49] Initializing WorldObjectManager... shed in 0.8ms
    [06:49] Initializing EconomyPlugin... Finished in 1,347.3ms
    [06:49] Initializing RoomPlugin... Finished in 21.3ms
    [06:49] Initializing ObjectivePlugin... hed in 5.0ms
    [06:49] Initializing Legislation... Finished in 2.2ms
    [06:50] Initializing WebServerPlugin... shed in 73.5ms
    [06:50] Initializing DiscordPlugin... Finished in 405.5ms
    [06:50] Server Initialization finished in 4,299.9ms.4ms
    [06:50] Failed to start UDP client, LAN discovery may not be available. (Exception:

  • How can I create new laws and all that stuff? It keeps saying "must access from server"

  • Where do I get the newest server version for version 7.2.1 ? I cant`t find anything.

  • Just to say that's always working fine, tested on ubuntu server 16.04 LTS, (mono EcoServer.exe -nogui ) dont omit to add mono repo like on this page ;) So , great job for this game guys!! waiting for a headless server now, webbase GUI is a good idea.

  • @AngelEpa I get the same error, did you find any fix for this? :)

    Edit: There is a newer release available for download which works for me :D


  • Initializing WorldGeneratorPlugin...
    Generating world 4km²...
    Generating terrain...
    Caching world data...
    Failed to post server listing to remote service: Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)
    Generating plateaus...
    Failed to post server listing to remote service: Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)
    Carving rivers...
    Generating special features...
    Ticking (Pass 1)...
    Initializing world layers...
    Failed to post server listing to remote service: Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)
    Ticking world layers...
    Failed to post server listing to remote service: Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)

    I become this Message all Time when i load the Server after some Minutes. The World load and the Message is coming, then World Cache is loading, after this the message come... Any Idea ?

  • For anyone else that is running Debian such as myself to get the mono package do the following

    apt-get update
    apt-get install unzip
    apt-get install mono-complete

    Log into your account to see what the latest server is and download it using wget
    there are several examples listed above on how to use wget or do a man wget
    for help.

    Use unzip to unzip the server that you download again man unzip for help.

    I would also recommend running this as a separate user instead of just making
    a directory.

    do the following:

    adduser eco
    su eco

    You must be root when you are doing this
    This will add the a user called eco and then change to that new account
    that you just created and then take you to the home directory for eco which
    should be /home/eco

    The process of getting an eco server setup on Debian was really easy. I do have
    30+ years though of running Linux. :)

  • Hey
    I followed your tutorial but every time I start the server, it looks like it is starting, right until world gen:
    It runs for between 40-80% (seems random) then suddenly writes "Killed" and it shuts down.

    Anyone know why?

  • @Swahgner said:

    I followed your tutorial but every time I start the server, it looks like it is starting, right until world gen:
    It runs for between 40-80% (seems random) then suddenly writes "Killed" and it shuts down.

    Anyone know why?

    Well was there anything in the log files? Anything to go on? we need a lot more information other than
    what was given if we want to troubleshoot this issue.

    What flavor of linux you running Debian, Redhat, Slackware etc.

    Post your logs as well if there is anything in the logs.

    Does it give you anything more than just "killed" on your screen any other error messages?

    What version of the Eco server are you trying to run are you using the latest if not
    I would recommend getting the latest version.

    What are the stats of the machine running your Linux OS? how much memory free hard drive space, CPU etc.


  • Ok a couple more tips on running and Eco server under Linux

    so this is the script I use to start my server it is a simple and
    dirty script I use to start my eco server

    Once you create it remember to chmod 700

    I call it

    mono EcoServer.exe -nogui &

    I made a script to run to find the process ID to be able to kill the server

    once you recreate this file remember to chmod 700

    I call this

    ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep 'EcoServer.exe' | awk '{print $2}'

    That is all it is.. what it will do is print out the PID of the process for your EcoServer.exe
    very short and dirty but it works well for me on Debian. If it doesn't return anything that means
    the server is not running.

    Another issue I found was that how do you get access to the admin commands running the server on Linux

    The first thing you need is your steam64id or slgid

    To get the slgid go to

    And log into your account the slgid will be called your User ID: it will look something like this

    I do not know how to get the steam id since I am not a steam user sorry.

    Now I found a really good guide on how to setup your server so it
    recognizes you as an admin the guide is at

    you have to go into the Configs directory and edit the file
    go down to where it says Admins Now my config file looks something like this my ID
    has been changed here in this example

    If you have to add two people all you do is add a comma for example

    "slg666666", "slg666667"

    This is an example for Beta 7.2.5 that I am using

    "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], m$
    "$values": [

    I hope that this helps everyone out

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