Connection Failed Invalid login token.

  • Anytime I try to login in this is what comes up.

  • Is this on every server?

    It could be an issue with your password ? Do you have any special characters ? I recommend only using numbers and letters like
    Pa55w0rd instead of p#%&/¤word ( the last one will most likely cause invalid token issues )

  • I have the same message on the server I played a couple of days. Just now I could log into a server I have never been on before, so it seems to be only that one.

    After the message:

    Connection Failed
    Invalid login token.

    I seem to have been logged out and have to enter my login-credentials again, which the client accepts but after connecting to my old server gives the same message again.

    I have the current version (alpha 6.1.1).

    I am not server admin so I dont have access to any logs.

    Edit: oh yes, I play with the Mac client...

    Edit2: Now it works again. I switched at the start from Quality Medium to the fastest Quality, not sure if that has something to do with it but I just could login.

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