Varience to bows and some other things

  • My idea's to have some different types of bows and logs.

    Why always one bow? If one server decides to have some hunters they'll have to use the bow always, which can be quite
    repetetive after some time, so why not get some more bows with different proberties:
    Long Bow
    Cross Bow

    When biomes are going to be a thing and we're going to get some more trees why not add different logs with proberties.
    Example: willow logs would be better suited for bows than oak logs because of higher durability of the wood

    Different types of arrows so you could use a bow as a fishing pole?

    I hope atleast some people like the idea, my main idea is the thing with the different bow types, if some materials would be more or less suited is more like a thought that came to my head when writing this.

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