No Law that allows one to allocate " Custom credits/mints " on first time login

  • as the title of this post suggest*

  • Good idea! Will post

  • I don't know that a law could do that, if I understand correctly that you want to give new people that first log on some coins.

    I believe that Clay's mod allowed you to do this, and set it so that players get certain things when they log in. If that mods does not do it you might ask in the forums how other server admins handle this, I know that several server give new players on tehir first login a money bonus and some extra inventory pieces. I believe that you will need to have a mint set up and a currency named and made to enable this.

    Maybe some of the admins that have set it up to provide currency and other gifts to new players could step you through how they did it

  • Course the mint would have to be made so that the " Named Credit " would pop in on the list of Credits for the Law to be able to give the Credits

    and even then .... If Eco's contents were done by Modders then the game would have been a full release already ...... and if so, Schools wont get anymore content release from the Devs to utilize and wont ever match from one school to another due to missing Mods ..... or even modpacks .....

    Thus laws such as this would be useful for schools to give Students a base Amount to start at Default without having to grab 3rd party files
    ..... in which them 3rd party files can sometimes be found in fake websites claiming their modpacks or hotlink to them....

  • i would like to have that ability by law.
    we made a tax on harvesting trees after the 50th tree and give money for cleaning the debris. it's a workaround, but so far it's working out pretty well.

    but the law system is pretty annoying in that you can use 4 different types of stone rubble - but not tables or claims for rules to include in law. if they would at least give the full item lists, you could make a lot more out of laws

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