Discount On Additional Invites

  • I like to support games that I find interesting by buying it for other people. I have already purchased the 4 pack and gave out the 3 other invites and was considering getting some more invites however I am disappointed at the fact there is no discount based on the quantity that you purchase. I would think they more you buy you would get a larger discount.

  • Its a good idea, we'll think on it.

  • I'm looking at this very thing. I dont have the game yet but seriously considering grabbing a single pack for myself. But will doing so prevent me from buying the discounted 2 or 4 packs later on if I want to bring friends in?

  • I totally agree, i bought a steam version for myself then a four pack on the website. There's a few more loved ones that i'd like to invite but the price is kind of steep to get more.

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