Ideas of a player after 6.03 Update

  • So I have some ideas to be considered or at least looked at, this is after playing 6.03 to show what might be missing from a players perspective.

    With the new patch player interaction has really increased and people have become more specialised and its great step in the right direction but I feel the game is lacking economics and the sort of governmental side.
    Firstly I'm not sure how much of an impact a president has over the game and would like it to be a greater role and let leaders be a president for more than 1 day as reelections can happen daily (serve a term be like 3-4 days), also I can't seem to make a law which cancels out another a red bar seems to appear when trying to vote this kind of law.

    1st idea. So this my idea to implement a sort of pvp to enhance presidency and actually have a criminal system. (which I understand you are working on)
    Let's suppose you have a new skill tree within survival called weaponry or whatever. The first skill unlocks, for example, a knife. This knife increases a variable, lets call it power. This is eco, I don't think people hitting with each other with weapons is appropriate so this power is a passive variable. Let's say a person who has researched this skill and wants to become a policeman or a vigilante and they have a weapon lets say a taser of 15 power this person can detain anybody with power lower than 10, a person with a power 40 people can detain people of power 35 or less. To detain someone they must be within a certain radious and if the person logs out to escape they leave a shadow of where they logged out where they can be detained. When a person is detain if there is a prison a sentence time can be set, if not there will be a small base time where the person is frozen, (making an allocated prison useful for a just variable punishment). I suppose the whole idea of lawbreaking has already been sketched out so I don't my ideas to overlap in that respect.

    To the idea of governments... I'd like to introduce the idea of dictatorships, regardless of election times a person can declare a coup and become a dictator, the voting system is the same as a normal presidency except instead of each individual giving their single vote their vote is weighted by their power (power is based on the strongest weapon a user holds IN their inventory) so if a dictator with a good weapon (say 40 power) and a supporter with another good weapon (say 30) that means even if 10 people with a power 5 weapon could not oppose the dictator, (once they gained enough power they could overthrow the dictatorship.) Therefore we can have new political tensions and what not which would hinder progress, (a new obstacle to destroying the meteor). This skill tree is going to be hard to research so people don't start declaring dictatorship on day 1, plus as knives are a free item when u research 1st tier (like an axe) for you to win 10-1 through power you would have to research a lot and have player cooperation (to get a good weapon) making it hard for trolls to abuse this system.

    If the leader had more power, a person who has few supporters but wants to make a difference, you never know could be a GOOD difference could become a leader through dictatorship.

    Next idea is food. The max now is 72, a little low but I can't find a combo higher than 69 (no joke intended). That could be raised a little but its a nice overhaul to what it was, though id like to make the max 100 as there isn't too much difference between some foods (currently nutrient-wise). Now for the advanced cooking and molecular stuff I know it isn't completed as ofe 6.03 but hear me out.

    If Eco is aiming for realism so should the food. In this day an age food is mass produced and the quality isn' necessarily as good as it was. So for the final stage of cooking, I think the meals should see a slight decrease in nutrition, but for preptime and resources much lower so it's REALLY EASY to make. So chefs can decide to make good food (30 nutrition stats) for few people or goodish (20-25 nutrition stats) FOR MANY. So maybe make the good food like BEAR S U P R E M E and Sweet Salad a little harder to make but make the advanced cooking food dead easy to make (with less nutrition).

    Also with the food topic, make some fish meals! Fish cakes, sushi, fish pie... We are also currently missing foods that are high in carbs fat and protein but low on vitamins (9 carb, 9 protein, 9 fat, 2 vitfood would be nice).

    Any people have ideas after 6.03? If any of my thoughts are confusing I can clarify!

  • I do not want to see that kind of PvP like You described but I am open for different idea
    Because as You see there are some groups of people that will boost each other and in the end, single players will not be able to opress their power.

    At the moment cooking increase food values, but having easier food that requires advanced cooking skill for less nutrition in return is a thing that could be a solution to scarity of resources in the world.

  • I think they could overcome as individuals, people who play more and more involved could get such weapons and be in the position to declare a dictatorship. Especially if the person is an assigned policeman.

  • Thanks for the ideas, law enforcement is a tricky one as we dont really want to turn the game into a first person shooter, something like you mention could be interesting. I'd like to tie it to governments and getting evidence for who committed a crime.

    For food, I think we should increase the cap too, so you can get quite a bit more skill points by end game, the balancing will be ongoing through beta but definitely want to make tech have a big impact on food.

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