[Server Bug]Building counting as not enclosed due to block outside of opening

  • Server, Client or Website? Server

    OS/Web Browser? Windows server 2012

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    When creating a building it has to be enclosed.
    If a door opening has a a block outside of it(on the foundation level), outside of the building area it will not count as enclosed.
    First you have to remove the block outside the opening and then place any block inside to make the build area update.
    In the screenshot it is the remnant of a plant, but that could be any block to let the bug happen.
    Notice how it is on the foundation level. If it was higher then that, it would not cause the bug.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?
    Happens every time situation above is repeated.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:
    Make a building where there's a block outside the door opening on foundation level.

    Additional Comments: -

    Client Version? 1st Alpha


  • you can remove that by putting a block on it and removing it .. also there are several known issues with buildings .. sure its not one of them =) ?

  • Well, it's not the known issues list.

  • this is indeed odd issue .. but i actully could reproduce it O.o
    put up an issue for this

    for developers https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/Eco/issues/463

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