How to find a good server?

  • It is so annoying that every server we want to play on got something bad after 1 day. Some of them go offline, go whitelisted, have no players, bad ping etc...

    Someone got some tips on how to find a nice server? It should not be a server 1 day before meteor ^^

  • You could look into running one yourselves and opening it up to other players, that way you know that the server isn't going to suddenly disappear. That said, I play on one called "Beardys Socialist utopia" which is pretty stable and has no meteor (I think) and they are always happy for new people :)

  • I play on Greenleaf servers, but it all depends where you're from. Although there are americans playing on these servers with decent ping.

    I play on Greenleaf Prime, which is a whitelist only but they also have Greenleaf Main, they are curently number 1 in


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