Eco Law Suggestions in order to increase precipitation

  • The law system in Eco is great but isn’t used as much as it could be. With a few simple added tools it could become very customizable, further it’s depth and precipitation/interest.

    Firstly regions, for this to work properly you need to be able to define regions. This could be quite easy, draw an area on a map (The tools already exist to do so) and name it and then put it up to a vote. If passed that region becomes a legal zone.

    With regions comes regional laws, laws that affect only certain areas. This is perfect for protecting the environment while allowing people to progress as you can create preservation zones, define where people can mine and cannot, create areas where you can build in order to push players together helping form communities. The list goes on. If you want to keep a global president you can limit the kind of laws regions can pass in order to protect the sovereignty of the global president.

    Thirdly the ability to make certain laws that affect certain areas only votable by people who live in that zone. E.g. if player owns land in zone A then allow vote on this law. This allows people to form communities that are different from others, which adds an entire other dimension as it introduces the need for diplomacy with other regions and the ability to decide where you want to live not just based on resources but on laws. Building on the idea of balancing progress and environment as you want to protect the environment but not drive people out.

    Thirdly the choice of representative democracy, with the added need for diplomacy with other regions, more ‘complicated’ law choice and ability to build real communities comes a law system that requires more attention than it usually gets in Eco. The choice of electing representatives to vote on laws instead helps lift the ‘burden’ off everyone and onto a few who want to focus on it which should help make the law system used more.

    As a side note adding regions that can be legally defined lays the path for other features such as new voting systems e.g first-past-the-post or more complicated taxation system.

  • We've actually got 'districts' on the docket for features, Marjie is going to be working on that for beta, and its almost exactly like you describe.

    I'd like to add more details to our representative democracy, let you build more complexity with it, but that will come after beta sometime. Having voting based on location would be very interesting (I predict gerrymandering)

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