Room Requirements

  • Have room requirements, more specifically block grades, not working properly? I can no longer place quarries and other tables in structures made of mortared stone and greater. Unless I was once on a server where they changed that as a server setting?

  • That used to work back in 5.5.4 but when 5.6 came out it changed to only working when in a room with the specific blocks required for the tables.

    I kinda miss the old way where if you had a higher quality building material in the room the tables would work. Now you have to make rooms out of several different blocks just to make some tables work

  • Some other thing that I noticed in 6.3.0 not sure when it started though, when you dig a hole and make that your room, if there are ores, they don't count as walls nor ceiling or floorings,

    I had a case where I had a mine, and in it I decided to make a room for my new ly made oil refinery, and having a single block of iron in the flooring, broke the room completely. it was registering the whole mine as a room ;)

  • Fixed in upcoming 6.1!

  • We'll have 'tiers' implemented too so multiple types can work for a building, that might be in 6.2 though.

  • @Marlas depends which "Mortared Stone" you are using, the ones called Mortared Stone Column, Mortared Stone Floor, Mortared Stone Roof and Mortared Stone Wall are NOT the Mortared Stone that is needed for a room (this is in latest 6.0.3 version) this is a snapshot taken from thew Quarry table Crafting Window, the top one is the one you will need for a room

  • Which materials are which "Tier"?

    I can't get my tailoring table to work it says I need 36 tier 3+ materials.

  • @ExPLiCiT i put in a Github about this. Tier3+ is brick, Tier2+ (Mortared Stone i think) and Tier1+ is logs

    and Tailoring table actually says 32 Tier3+ materials

  • @Conchita looks like a lumber roof is considered tier 3?

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