Recommended Specs

  • What would the current recommended specs be for this game?

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  • I think @Ronnie21093 was thinking more along the line of pc hardware specs? :P

    I don't know what the recommended are but I used to run it on an i5 with an nvidia GTX670 and it ran fairly well, my main issue was that my internet couldn't keep up very well so i experienced some lag but the game itself was fairly smooth.

  • How much RAM would the game need to run decently? And would you need a 64-bit OS, or would a 32-bit be fine?

  • I had 8gb with a 64-bit OS. It might run on lower but I couldn't say for certain i'm afraid :/

  • I am mainly wondering if the game would run on a 32-bit OS with 3.5 GB of RAM

  • Well I can say this much,

    My game takes around 1.7gb RAM and 27% of my i7 4790k CPU,

    I don't have any specs for the gpu as mine is just a GTX745 and since it works on it, I get from 30-40fps on lower settings,

    here's a link to my gpu -

    hope this helps you a bit,

  • I'm not sure if it would run on 3.5GB RAM (Where do you get a half GB of RAM these days? lol) even on a 32-bit OS. Mine typically sits around 4GB RAM but having about 14GB available after the OS and other processes grab what they need, I would say you will do just fine on 8GB using a 64-bit version so a 32-bit version should be OK with even 4GB. I can't tell you for sure what FPS you'll be getting, there's allot of things that factor in to that like your CPU + GPU and what resolution you run the game on. Typically the lower the resolution, the more strain is put on your CPU than your GPU. Raising the resolution may actually yield higher frame rates assuming your GPU can handle it but for 1080p gaming, I would recommend a solid GPU to begin with. I'm running on a Ryzen 5 1500X + RX 470 and at 1080p on "simple" settings, it tends to hover around 130-145FPS. On "good" settings it's about 90-105FPS. I haven't tested any higher or lower settings yet but CPU/GPU utilization tends to sit around 30-45%/55-70% respectively on the "good" settings. Hope this gave you an idea of where to start when you have a target frame rate in mind. Also keep in mind, that minimap will play a huge role in your FPS. Depending on the level of detail and how far in your zoomed, it can drastically drop your frame rates instantly. On the "simple" settings, maxed minimap details and about 75% zoom took me from 130FPS all the way down to 10. Yeah, it's that drastic, so to improve frame rates on the fly try cutting down on the minimap details and keep it zoomed to around 50% or so.

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