Keep Aspen & Oaks for building aesthetics & Change to how logs are created?

  • Perhaps the Aspen or Oak original logs can used for aesthetics to build housing with before it can be broken down into chopped Logs?

    Currently we have logs that cant be stack no more than 5 in a stockpile and its said to scale to its size.
    While stones back then were 10 in a stack and was a 1 piece. Should the Log be a 1 Piece of Aspen Log or Oak Log then thru the carpentry or workbench be converted into Chopped Logs in stacks of 5?

    if the original logs can be stacked in stockpiles as 1 piece then taking to the workbench makes 4 or 5 pieces of log materials then increasing the efficiency would increase like the current skill yield to 1 each rank in them tables .... then what ever skill rank for time cost. Course taking it to the Sawmill would yield more Chopped Logs aswell.

    It would give players an option to build their homes with them original logs for aesthetics although it wont be most efficient in building material cost.

    would also give lumber jack players little more things to do

    look at minecraft.....building house with the logs with Wood plank materials.....instead of a house built nothing but planks shows a sign of skill differences from a noobs and vets o.o

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