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  • First off: I am not a computer genius but neither am I computer-illiterate.

    My question/problem/dilemma:

    I want to know if it is possible to host a private server for yourself and your family and friends to play on. I'm thinking it would be like setting up a public server and then setting it to private somehow.

    I tried to read the server thread on the wiki but I just can't follow what it is saying (

    If it is possible I really need a step-by-step guide (ie. step1, step2, etc.).

    Can anyone help me out with this?

  • Isn't there a server-password function? I think i've heard of something like that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi,

    I don't know if you have figured this out yet but here are some hints for setting up your own server.

    If at any point these things don't make sense just let me know and I will do my best to answer.

    So lets begin:

    Download a fresh server. From the site. Completely unchanged. Then run it.

    DON'T change any of the settings yet! ;)

    When you run your server you should get two windows pop-up. One with a list of "Initialisations" and one with various tabs (the one in your picture that I will refer to as "the window" from here on in).

    You will need to go to the network tab in the window and make sure that "Public" is set to FALSE. You should also see that your game port and web server ports are set to 3000 and 3001 respectively. These are important as you will need these in-order to port forward.

    Now that this is done stop running the server and close it down.

    Now you will need to port forward using the port range 2999-3001. There are many tutorials out there for port forwarding so I won't go into detail here as there is no universal way to do it. (This is the trickiest part of the process so if you get stuck, ask)

    Once you have port forwarded you will need to google what your ip address is (type "whats my ip" into google). It should look like this (roughly):

    Get whoever is wanting to join the server to "add server..." and enter "" (for example).

    You should now have your very own "Private server" that you can play around with the settings for and it wasn't that hard (hopefully).

    The beauty of this is that if you did decide to make it a public server all you would need to do is change public to true.

    Hope this was of some help :)

  • Wazations: That was exactly the type of answer I was hoping to get. I love the step by step instructions. Unfortunately it still isn't working. It continues to say "offline" even though the server is running.

  • Thanks Unique :)

    The most likely thing I can see it being is that the port forwarding has not been setup correctly.

    If you don't know how to get to your routers settings to port forward find the command window (also known as cmd) and type "ipconfig" then press enter. You will need to type the "Default gateway" into the address bar of any internet browser and find the login details for the router (Usually stuck on the router) in order to port forward.

    First things first, check that wherever your port forwarding is setup looks similar to this (it will probably look different due to service providers but the area I have scribbled on should look similar. E.g. a game/application name that you have created and the device name or device address):


    If it looks the same check that the game/application has the right settings by clicking edit (Mine says "Add new game or application" but the edit screen looks the same):


    If that still looks right, go to the screen that shows you connected devices and it should show you their internal network IP address. Make sure it matches the IPv4 Address shown on the ipconfig of the computer that is running the server:



    If that is still not working come back to me and I'll try going though a few other potential problems :)

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

  • Wazations: I really appreciate your help! We finally figured it out. After following your directions it still wasn't working. We kept fiddling with things until we figured it out....... it was one of our computer's firewall! So, once again, thank you for your help. We wouldn't have been able to get it working if it wasn't for your instructions on port-forwarding. Please consider posting your very helpful directions on the wiki......?

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