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  • I work in a middle school and was looking at the many benefits that this game could provide in a school setting. I do not teach in a classroom, but help with after-school clubs. This game could definitely be something I would use to incorporate parts of all students' core classes into one fun setting. Having just found out about this today, I noticed that the kickstarter was over and that when you "buy" the game, you cannot buy a classroom set (like on the $500 donor level).

    Will there be an option later to buy this game as a classroom set or would I need to buy the accounts separately and set them up for students? Also, since this game would be used in a club, and the number of students can change on any day (usually anywhere from 5-25 students), if I got a "classroom set" would I get a set number of passes to give out as students come, or would I only get access for students that were in the club when I ordered?

    Finally, if a student moved or left the group, would I have access to "take back" the account from the student, clear the account (or transfer everything to myself or "the public"), and give it to another student that attends the club?

    If there are any other educators out there looking to incorporate this game into their class or an after-school program, I would love to hear how you are planning on doing so. I have a few ideas already and would love to collaborate on making a fun, creative, and thought-provoking game like this as beneficial to students as possible. Thank you so much!

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