Clays Toolkit - v2.2 - For Alpha 6.0.1

  • Description:
    A Toolkit for all servers with modular mods, want to remove a mod? find it, and delete it.

    Now including some new interesting halloween items!

    Extract into Mods folder.

    Mods Included:

    Clays Toolkit Base Mod
    Contains the saving and chat features for mods to base off of
    Now also providing a list of online users, admins and online admins


    • A halloween door
    • Jack o'lantern
    • Candies
    • Skull to create all new halloween items

    Give your player the ability to teleport into one of their homes, at a cost and/or with limitations

    • /home [HomeName] - Teleport to HomeName
    • /sethome [HomeName] - Add this location to the list of homes
    • /home-set [HomeName] - Add this location to the list of homes
    • /home-add [HomeName] - Add this location to the list of homes
    • /removehome [HomeName] - Remove this home from list
    • /home-remove [HomeName] - Remove this home from list
    • /home-delete [HomeName] - Remove this home from list
    • /home-list - Display a list of all the homes you have saved

    Daily Rewards
    Give your awesome players daily gifts

    • /daily - Collect your daily gift of tokens

    Vote Rewards
    Reward your players for voting for your server.

    • /vote - provides you with link to vote for the server
    • /reward - get your token reward
    • /apikey - add an api key [AdminOnly]
    • /rewardtokens - set a value that you want to reward to your players when they cast their vote [AdminOnly]
    • /tick - Retrieve the latest votes from

    Let your players exchange their earned tokens into goods

    • /exchange <int> - Exchange <int> tokens from inventory into skillpoints as set by the server admin (default: 5)

    Including /online and /online-count

    • /lastonline <playername> - Display when this player was last online, if ever
    • /stats <playername> - Display statistics of this player, if ever seen on this server
    • /population - Display population information of this ECO World
    • /leader - Check who's the leader, FOR NON-ADMINS ONLY
    • /whosleader - Check who's the leader
    • /election - Display election information, if an election is ongoing
    • /rules - If set by the server, this will display the server rules.
    • /online - Show the list of players that are online right now
    • /online-count - Show the number of people online
    • /admins - Show the list of admins
    • /admins-online - Display the list of admins who are online
    • /online-admins - Display the list of admins who are online

    includes tp to cords for admins, tp to players for everyone costing calories and also, with cooldown.

    Toggle Light Sources
    right-click to turn off or on, any light sources (pauses fuel consumption also)

    Slap, Punch or Wave at friends and foes.
    /slap [VictimName] - Slap someone with a sock.
    /punch [VictimName] - Let's do it like aussie's and punch each other for the fun of it
    /wave [FriendName] - Wave at a friend from anywhere in the world.
    /hug [FriendName] - Hug a friend from anywhere in the world.

    MOTD [AdminOnly]
    custom timings and modes (slow 1 message every time and fast all every time), allows you to add, remove, enable, disable, list, send at will from ingame chat

    • /motd-on - Switch on MOTDs [AdminOnly]
    • /motd-off - Switch off MOTDs [AdminOnly]
    • /motd-add <message> - Add the specified message to your MOTD list.[AdminOnly]
    • /motd-remove <id> - Remove the message bearing the specified id from the list.[AdminOnly]
    • /motd-list - List all MOTDs you have set on the server*[AdminOnly]***
    • /motd-send - Skip the timer and send the next MOTD*[AdminOnly]***

    Gaming Experience Improvements

    • Use woodpulp as fuel
    • Fixed recipe of Stove and Cast Iron Stove
    • Fixed repair costs for certain items


    • /motd-on - Activates MOTD
    • /motd-off - Deactivates MOTD
    • /motd-list - List all MOTDs
    • /motd-remove [ID} - Remove Message with given ID
    • /motd-add [MESSAGE] - Adds Message to list of MOTDs
    • /tp [USERNAME] - Teleport to an online username for a cost (calories)
    • /tp [x],[y],[z] - Teleport to co-ordinates given. [ADMIN AdminOnly]
    • /online - Display online players count + list
    • /online-count - Displays online players count
    • /online-admins - Displays online admins list
    • /admins - Displays admins list
    • Right click on light sources to turn them off or on.


    • /motd-add Hello World
    • /motd-remove 0

    Thanks to:
    @ClayC - Programmer
    @emmeck - Programmer
    @phlo - Designer

    Special Thanks to
    The Aussie 24/7 Servers
    Greenleaf Servers

    Please use the official Clay's ToolKit website to download any version you like.

    WARNING - Install at your own risk, make sure to take backups of your saves before installing

  • Nice idea can't use it as out of date already now 6.0.2 :)

  • @fizzy6868 clay has said he will not be supporting 6.0.2 untill it's fixed as there are a few bugs in it that make it somewhat unplayable especially if your on a meteor server

  • @emmeck I understand, way just saying that the development of the game is so fast that it was out of date as soon as you put it up lol as 6.0.2 is now the stable client :)

  • @fizzy6868 I would be hesitant to use the word stable and 6.0.2 in the same sentence lol.

    Well untill it's fixed anyway

  • @fizzy6868 please follow the CTK discussion on discord.

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