Server invisible / Offline bug V6.* (Found Fix)

  • Hey Guys here is my story of banging my head on the table for a good 8 Hrs I am a Computer Engineer and host many servers and websites. I know this is not about the issue but you will see why this is relevant for you to know. Anyway I bought the game and downloaded 6.0.1 game loads fine server runs its setup fine but then I notice i cant find my server and if I manually add it low and behold the darn thing says Offline look for anything I may of missed. Then started Looking all over Google and the forums could not see anything. Only every telling people that they need to check Ports and blaming their hardware ( that is why I said i'm and Engineer I knew it was not the ports ). Then thought I will download 6.0.2 as it might have a fix guess what nope. so i started looking at the configs then I tried this below "here is probably all you want to know The Fix"

    Fix / Bug:
    Setting server to private with a white list locks the hole server out

    If you want to have it kinda private the best way i have found it take the server off the List under Network Tab Public Server = False

    But make sure you leave the Private Server = False

    You will not be able to find the server in the list, but you can give your Friends your IP and it will work wonder

    Hope this helps every and the devs read this.

  • No as there is no direct connect and when you add a the IP it adds it to the list it just says offline, this is bugging out like a get and I see no Private Server Opiton only the public server option.

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