Entering world no progress on client

  • http://ecoforum.strangeloopgames.com/topic/2895/entering-world-problem
    just to be sure i pasteed the link to the german thread i posted in.
    to sum it up im using client 6.0.1 x64 and server 6.0.1 on win10 x64 everything uptodate driver/updates wise and somehow when i create a server it shows as jopinable and on the client side it goes to entrering world with no progress showing and i let that running for like 2h and no actual entering on the client side but the server says somethiong like i joined the server and in the networ tab it shows somekind of traffic

  • There was a problem when 6.0.1 was released that kept you from logging in a server. This was fixed by a hotfix that was posted in discord, but that hotfix has now been added to the download. If you downloaded this before the fix was included you may need to download again.

    Also, if the server is building/creating a world it will not let you in until teh world has completely generated. Make sure that it shows your world has completed generation before trying to login or it will hang or disconnect you

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