Plugin API?

  • One of the things that made many of the online sandbox games so fun (such as Minecraft) was the plugin API's that servers used. I understand that modding will be a key part of Eco, however plugins would be a fantastic edition as well. This will allow servers to be much better and more functional.

    Do you think this API would be possible?

  • if i don't remember wrong.. i dont think minecraft has any form for mod api beside texture pack or language thing. I actually think people decompiled the game and implemented there own mod api into that allowed for some awesome mods. (And after many years of promise they build in a mod api to allow mods they still haven't done any thing with that yet last i checked).

    That said. There is already some form of mod api in the game .. you can easily add new items , and i am not sure but @nfuller might be able to awnser this .. but i think the server already supports a form of pluggin api thing? .. not quite sure on that part .. but you can add new stuff to the server with uncompiled code in form of a c# file and do some stuff already

  • They added one quite late in development, which was built by the people who made the original community one actually.

  • hu? i sure you still need to use forge for real mod support !? they only have a server plugin system like bukkit ?

  • The forge team were the ones who built the new thing from what I understand, and bukkit is dead fyi lol

    the way this game is setup every building and such appears to be a separate module already, so I imagine they've got an API planned for the future to expose to modders down the line.

  • @Yurameki Minecraft has no official modding API - the most you can do is edit launcher JSON files and have Minecraft load an extra class when it loads up, which is how Forge actually works.

    Yeah, the modding API looks usable and it's nice that the devs themselves are using it, but I'm disappointed that it requires Unity. I hope it won't require Unity experience to work with.

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