Linux mint: Everything turns purple when fire

  • I got a odd bug I wish some help getting around. Computer specs at the bottom of the post.

    When I play normally, the game runs fine, but the moment the game starts to render anything fire, I get massive framedrops. After some time, less than a minute, some objects turns partially purple (losing their textures), shortly after, everything but the terrain turns purple. Here is a screenshot:
    Screenshot from 2017-10-08 22-25-36.png
    At this point the framerate is restored, and everything runs smoothly, including the fire. BUT, almost everything is purple, and the game is left practically unplayable until the fire is gone. I have tried to reduce the graphics settings, but to no help.

    When this has first happened, the game stays this way. To restore the textures, I have to restart the game.

    Here are my specs:
    Linux Mint 18, on Linux kernel 4.10.0-33
    16 GB of RAM
    Intel Core i7-6700K, 4.00GHz x 4
    NVIDIA GK104, GeForce GTX 680

  • Looked at the referenced issue 2222, I can confirm the screenshots of that issue are similar to what I experienced.
    Looking forward to seeing it fixed.

    I see turning off "Global Illumination" was suggested in that thread.
    Should I follow that advice until you launch the fix?

  • I disabled all settings and pushed everything graphic related to lowest setting. Still had the problem. Just have to tab out and grab a coffee when night arrives ;) ( )