Store Stockpiles not accepting more than 10 "blocks" [Server Bug?]

  • So I've been playing with some friends for a few days now and we've got to a point where a working Store trade is needed for efficient cooperation. Thing is, we've encountered several issues with how Stores work, specifically in regards to inventories. One of those issues is that Stockpiles linked to Stores are incapable of accepting anything more than 10 "blocks" of any carry-able objects, and will not accept anything if there is even 1 "block" of any carry-able object, giving the error message "not enough space in inventory" (or something along those lines). This results in us having to empty the connected stockpiles with every single transaction, or else not use stores at all.

  • Dev. on Discord said this was the way it was supposed to be. Code checks each item and makes sure that item do no stack above the 5th line of height (takes 5 logs to make it 5 high, while takes 20 ore broken bits to make it 5 high)

    to my knowledge do not know if they will keep it this way or not

  • That's not how it's been working in my experience. Been able to put in a full stack (whether that is 20 stone/ore taking up 5 "blocks" or 10 logs, mortared stone etc taking up 10 "blocks").

    Quite frankly, if that is how it's supposed to work, that's just plain stupid. Can't expect people to be doing any significant trading if they can't put more than a few blocks worth of material into a store, or can't put any in when there's already some there...

  • This was changed in 6.0 and I agree it is very, very dumb to change it. Forces players to place more stockpiles, uses more land, increase pollutions and many other things. It might get changed, anything is still possible while we are in Alpha :D

  • Hey guys - this behavior is in fact a bug, we are tracking this issue here:

  • In fact, I've just been trying to repro this, and I believe it is already fixed in the current staging build.

  • that is good to hear :)

    I was just going off what Metachronism told us in Discord that it was a hardcoded value of 5, that it matches the y-height of the stockpile, which is 5, and that the intention is that they represent a 1:1 equivalent to the size of things in the world so if we wanted larger stacks, we would need taller stockpiles. (which I have been working on)

  • Yeah that is true, we changed the stack size in stockpiles to match their physical height, but it shouldn't affect how stores function.

  • I am sure I am speaking for everyone and we are very happy to hear this :D

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