Eco crashes on MacOs High Sierra 6.0.0

  • When I launch the game from my desktop, it shows up in my dock, and then just vanishes. Can someone please help me.

  • Also for me ECO doesn't start properly.
    I click on the game icon, the launcher pops up asking me to select the resolution, but when I proceed simply nothing happens.. The launcher disappear and that's it.

    waiting for help..

    thank you.

  • can you try the latest staging build?

  • I tried it and it would launch, but then I couldn't log in.

  • Same behavior.

    With the latest build 6.0.1, the game start, I'm also able to insert username and password, and then a "loggin in" message pops up but, nothing else happens. It seem the game is blocked into this point.
    If I Click the "esc" key I Can go into settings menu and I can also change some configuration, but the game doesn't proceed and keep me into this login page.

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