[Suggestion] Skills

  • Maybe there could be some kind of "ranger-skill". It shows you more detailed Information about animals (different kind of foot and amount?).
    You can see why an animal has died i.e someone shot it, maybe illegal, and at higher skillrate it could give you some sort of evidence if it was illegal (for the later law-system).

  • I do know that they are planning on adding a skill that allows you to search and see if a crime happened recently and help with locating the perp.

  • For that i would make a skill like "detective".
    "Ranger" could also be used to see more or less details (depending on lvl) i.e. Age of trees/plants/animals, max age of them, already wounded (max hitpoints/actual hitpoints)...

  • Why limit it to nature and why call it ranger? I think lumping this in with the crime investigation will only enhance the investigation part of it.

  • Well that "ranger"-thing came to my mind, after reading my dungeon and dragon books^^. Cause he mostly interacts with nature and wildlife.

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