best found food combos for alpha 6.0

  • with the updates to the nutrients of foods who has found some good combos of food to give the maximum skill points per a day

    the best ive managed to come up with is 47-48 skill points a day with campfire creations which was 1 wild stew, 1 charred meat, 1 wheat porridge and 1 camas mash.

    what have you found post below

  • Actually i have the problem to have no idea where to cook the new home cooking stuff. So couldn´t realy test good combos ;)

  • @Askardius home cooking skill is used in the cast iron stove I think

  • Yeah, but i need culinary Arts to build one. And for that i need Home Cooking 4.

  • I think your thinking about the normal stove. But I could be wrong as I don't have the game open. The cast iron stove is in the anvil but can't currently be crafted without editing the server file for it which has been done in Clays Toolkit

  • My problem is that the cast iron stove isn't craftable on the Anvil right now on my server. It has a bug where it shows no supplies needed, but if you try to craft it then it says 0% resources. I'm waiting for them to add Clays TK to the server as it has a fix for this.
    The best I have found so far is Meat Pie for about 52 sp/day. I was living on charred tomatoes before that for 32 sp/ day.
    I left some Elk Wellington cooking last night that I'll check on tonight for how many sp/day it gives.

  • Nice I'm not quite up to baking yet as I'm also trying to get our group a blast furnace so we don't have to deal with the tailings from smelting

  • Hm ok, thats bad, cause the server i play actually is nearly not administrated. So i dont have much hope to get that fix.

  • @Askardius can you get in contact with the admins? Through discord or something? Also what server do you play on?

  • We have a fix coming soon for the uncraftable cast iron stove. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Not a big deal Craig, I was able to do it after Clay's TK was added. There are always bugs to work out, right?

  • Update, meat pie will give you between 52 and 54 sp/day. Elk taco gets up to 62 and when I added bacon (crispy bacon?) I was around 64. Hopefully will try bear supreme soon.

  • Charred Beats and Charred Meat gives me max 41-42 SP

  • 1 crispy bacon, 1 huckleberry pie and 1 bread gives 60 skill points 2850 calories
    im about to start using the stove so i will see what i can get from that

  • 7 Elk Taco and 1 Crispy Bacon gets me up to 65 sp/day. I'm working on Bear Supreme to see if it'll get me any higher.
    Logged on and was hungry, so ate 2 more Elk 9 Elk Taco and 1 Crispy bacon have me at 67 sp/day now.

  • 62 skill points a day from 1 bread, 1 huckleberry pie and 1 broiled sausage for 2650 calories

    Edit. i must of still had some other food still in my stomach as when i logged in today i was back to 60 skill points a day

  • Update to best found food combo found 3 elk tacos, 1 elk Wellington, 1 bearclaw and 1 huckleberry pie. It's almost a 5500 calorie meal I can't remember how many skill points it gets you but I will edit this post when I'm back at my pc and let you know